Season 2018-2019 wrapped up

This is a classic HYV competition, which is held at Otahalli (Unisport’s gym in Otaniemi). Even before the competition the Voimaliiga winner was already determined, as Yusif had a bunch of wins in the bag already. Similar case was for the ladies, as Sonja had a 12 point lead coming into the competition and was the only girl taking part in the final competition.

Don’t want to bore you anymore with the long text, so we’ll condense the results and pick out the juiciest bits for you in a bullet list.

  • Organizational stuff (extra monitor)
  • Jyri and Sami being tough judges
  • Yusif’s 200 kg squat attempt
  • Yusif’s 150 kg bench attempt
  • Max’s insane deadlift progress to 250 kg
  • Yusif’s first 600 kg powerlifting total
  • Some heavy-ass deadlifts

Also make sure to watch the video (we thank Yusif for the editing job)!

Results, men.


Results, women

From top left Jaakko, Jyri, Valtteri, Max, Sonja, Tommi. Bottom row Yusif and Sami


Voimaliiga final standings:



Translated by: Yusif

Original text: Jaakko

Video: Yusif