HYV Voimaliiga rules

  1. Voimaliiga consists of seven competitions, which are published at http://hyvoimailijat.com/.
  2. Right to participate
    Club members that have paid the yearly fee have the right to partake in all competitions organized by HYV. Fall season competitions start on 31.8 and spring season starts on 31.12. New members that have paid the yearly fee are eligible to participate in competitions during the seasons provided timely registration.
  3. Point system
    For each competition, points are awarded to the ten best competitors 12‐9‐8‐7‐6‐5‐4‐3‐2‐1. If a competitor does not register a valid result, 0 points are awarded, however participation is still counted.
    Voimaliiga winner is the competitor with the most points. In case several competitors have the same number of points, the winner is decided based on the number of competitions. If the number of competitions is equal as well, personal matchups decide the winner.
    In the final standings only competitors with at least three competitions during a full season are considered.
  4. Registration
    Enrolment to competitions is done via hyv.nimenhuuto.com. Instructions for using the service are emailed to all new members that have paid the yearly fee.
  5. Responsibility
    Helsingin yliopiston voimailijat ry or any other competition organizing party does not bear any responsibility over competitors.
    Participation in competitions is done at individual’s own responsibility.
  6. Equipment
    Unless otherwise stated, the competitions are raw. Use of belts, knee sleeves and wrist wraps is permitted in powerlifting competitions.
  7. Competition day order
    Competition day order for the competitions is decided by the organizing party. In general, the order is from lightest weight on the bar to heaviest.
  8. Volunteering
    Competition planners, organizers and judges, as well as communications are done by volunteers. Participation in competitions is also voluntary.