Benching 2019

New year 2019 started off with the good old bench press: one rep max and maximum reps, both with feet up.

Christmas break allowed for plenty of recovery time and so the results proved that as well. This time around HYV oldest veterans did not make it to the event. Everybody had their favorite picked out based on the “threat levels”. In the rep competition Yusif’s carefree attitude leaving “a few reps in the tank” almost backfired.

We let the videos do the speaking, however. In one rep max table we also provide more stats, for example how much competitors would have had to have benched in order to win.

!NB Due to technical difficulties some of the lifts are missing from the videos, notably first round of 1rm competition and some lifters are missing from the rep competition.

From the left: Tuukka, Jaakko, Max, Ville, Jyri, Yusif, Sami, Olaf and Jonne.





Voimaliiga points:


Translated by: Yusif

Original text: Jaakko

Videos: Tuukka