Push & Pull 2019

From the top left: Jaakko, Olaf, Tommi, Sonja, Valtteri, Max, Ville, Pasi. Alhaalla Yusif and Sami.

In order for us to not lose the touch on the deadlift (there’s half a year gap between two powerlifting competitions), HYV organized a Push&Pull competition, where the we show off our benchpress and deadlift one rep maxes.

This time around we had 8 participants, and everybody had prior competition experience.

Some notable lifts from the competitons are Olaf’s 160 kg bench and Yusif’s almost raw (no belt but sumo) 245 kg deadlift attempts. Check out the video to find out if they got it! ūüėČ


Voimaliiga points



Translated by: Yusif

Original text: Jaakko

Video: Yusif