Helsingin Yliopiston Voimailijat ry

Founded 17.3.2010 in Helsinki. Our goal is to promote strength training among students.

Helsingin Yliopiston Voimailijat ry (HYV) is a member of the Finnish Powerlifting Organization (Suomen Voimanostoliitto SVNL), the International Powerlifting Federation’s regional affiliate in Finland. Our members can take part in official SVNL competitions (this requires an active license with SVNL and an anti-doping agreement).

First timers can participate in HYV events for free without registration or active membership, otherwise yearly membership fee is 10€. If you decide to come to one of our events as an outsider, please let us know beforehand on Facebook, Instagram or by email (using the form at the end of this page).
NB! Free participation for first timers requires a membership at Unisport or an otherwise paid entrance fee at the gym the competition is held at.

Contact information

Chairman: Jyri Poittinen

Vice chairman: Jaakko Onali

Treasurer: Sami Nybom

Event organizers: Ida Jouhki and Yusif Salam-zade

Secretary: Timo Vuori

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